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The Bouillouses lake and Font Romeu Odeillo

The listed site of the Bouillouses Lake, at the foot of the Carlit massif, offers exceptional high mountain landscapes. It is one of the largest lakes in the French Pyrenees and is an environment to discover and preserve. You will find 60 km of marked and maintained footpaths, 27 natural high altitude lakes, 2 climbing sites, picnic areas, an orientation game for children...

Particularly well known for its solar oven, an important symbol of renewable energy in France, the commune of Font Romeu is also a renowned ski resort offering winter and summer visitors unique views of the Atlantic Pyrenees. During your visit, take advantage of the beauty of the surroundings to go for a walk or a hike in this high altitude area, don't miss visiting the churches of Sainte Colombe and Saint Martin, the famous museum without walls, the Préhisto'rik adventure and many other places recognised in the cultural heritage of the commune.